COP-26 and Animal Representation in Climate Policy

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Mission and animals being abandoned Desperate farmers whose properties were flooded tried to move their animals by boat, but some had to be abandoned. Even some of those who were ferried out of barns are in poor condition, and euthanasians will take place in the coming days. “hundreds” of farms have been affected provincewide by the floodwaters, many in the Fraser Valley.

The mayor said hundreds of farmers refused to evacuate the Sumas Prairie, despite an evacuation order, because they didn’t want to leave their animals behind. More than 180 people had to be rescued from the area overnight after floodwaters rose quickly. The B.C. Milk Marketing Board has advised dairy farmers in areas like Abbotsford, Chilliwack and the B.C. Interior to dump any milk into manure piles because mudslides and road washouts have made it impossible to deliver anywhere.

Feature Interviews

We The Free

We talked With Jas Joicee, the founder of the Vancouver Chapter for “We The Free” a grassroots, street activism group that focuses on defending animals and understanding our effectiveness as an activist. We The Free’s Data and Analytics is revolutionizing street activism. Community-building, self-growth, and leadership development are at the core of our community. Check them out on Facebook for more information

COP26 Interview with Lynn Kavanagh

Lynn Kavanagh is the Farming Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection. She has worked in animal advocacy for many years, having previously sat on the board of the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals. Lynn holds an MSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Guelph. We Sat down with Lynn to discuss Animal’s and how they were recognized, and in many ways overlooked at the COP-26 convention this year.