Veganic Farming Tips from Experts Stephen Hunt and JoVonna Johnson-Cooke

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Spring is coming! In this show, we present two perennial interviews from past episodes packed with information on veganic farming, which is a method of organic farming that eschews animal inputs. Our featured guests are master gardener Stephen Hunt and food justice activist, veganic farmer, and vegan chef JoVonna Johnson-Cooke.

Master Gardener Stephen Hunt on Veganic Farming Methods

Stephen Hunt of Brightside Blueberries and Such provides us with an explanation of the veganic farming methods he employs regularly. Stephen is a Master Gardener and has been veganic farming just outside of Duncan, BC for over 10 years. He cultivates a variety of fruits and vegetables and is currently expanding into almonds and walnuts. Everything is grown without the use of animal products and without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

During this informative interview we learn how to enhance and support our soil, the best way to discourage unwanted visitors from eating our produce, what soil amendments to use and where to find them. We discuss why crop rotation is important even in a small garden, the advantages of green mulch and the power of nitrogen-fixing plants. Stephen describes how to make a nutrient-rich “tea” for your garden, which can help stop some of those uninvited garden guests from feasting on your food before you have the chance.

Stephen has also provided us with one of his favourite recipes: a complete veganic fertilizer and soil amendment recipe. These ingredients can be sourced from many “seed and feed” stores:  

  • 4 parts alfalfa
  • 1 part rock phosphate
  • 1 part dolomitic lime
  • 1/2 part kelp meal

Mix these ingredients together thoroughly, then sprinkle on top of your vegetable garden beds and till with a spade.

Food Justice Activist, Veganic Farmer, and Vegan Chef JoVonna Johnson-Cooke on Veganic Farming and Her Philosophy

JoVonna Johnson-Cooke is a veganic farmer, vegan chef, and food justice activist based in Atlanta. JoVonna is the co-founder and owner of MaituFoods, a vegan meal delivery service and food justice project, and Grow Where You Are, a veganic farming collective that helps train aspiring urban farmers.

Since 2008, MaituFoods has served more than 2,000 vegan school lunches to children through their subsidized vegan lunch program, and Grow Where You Are has transformed numerous urban spaces in Atlanta by establishing community food gardens and vegetable farms.

In this interview, JoVonna elaborates on her philosophy and all the incredible work she does, and shares advice for how everyday people can work toward achieving food justice for all.