‘Meat The Future’ with Film Maker Liz Marshall

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Lab-Grown Meat as a Solution to Cruel Animal Agriculture


Liz Marshall. Photo credit: Joanne McArthur

Our much-loved, award-winning Canadian film maker, Liz Marshall has brought us eye-opening and transformational films such as ‘The Ghosts in Our Machine’ and ‘Water On The Table’. In keeping with her theme of animal rights and environmental films, Liz is currently working on her latest documentary which explores the future of “clean meat.”

“Meat The Future” feature-length documentary showcases Memphis Meat CEO, cardiologist Dr. Uma Valeti and his team of innovators who are leading the way to a more compassionate, earth-friendly, safe and healthy alternative to current meat production. Lab-cultured meat remains a controversial topic amongst both vegan animal rights activists and carnists (who consider this to be “frankenfood”). There is no doubt that this would solve many of the world’s problems associated with our current means of obtaining animal products. Animal cruelty, water use, deforestation, antibiotic resistance, world poverty, sickness and death resulting from consuming contaminated meat are huge problems that we currently face.

The animal agriculture industry is a genocide which more and more people are opening their eyes to. We see this exhibited in the exploding “humanely-raised” and “grass-fed” marketing campaigns of the meat, egg and dairy industries. “Humane meat” is a controversial term which frustrates vegan animal rights activists who know that there is no way to take the life of another who has no say in the matter, and if they did, surely they would resist. “Sustainable” is another buzz word used by the increasingly self-conscious meat industry, fuelled by the concern of “conscious” consumers. Since we know that the entire world will never go vegan, this seems to be a logical and potentially lucrative solution.


Vancouver Park Board Invites Opponents and Proponents of Cetacean Captivity


Activists Geoff Regier, David Isbister and Gary Charbonneau celebrate victory at the park board

Over the past few months, public opposition to the archaic practice of keeping highly intelligent, sentient beings in captivity has been growing. Animal rights activists have attended regular park board meetings and protests at the Vancouver Aquarium to educate the park board commissioners and the public about the darker side of the facility which promotes itself as a “non-profit research, education, rescue and rehabilitation facility.” The documentary film “Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered” (2015) has exposed the deceptive behavior of the aquarium’s upper management. Two park board meetings took place this past week in which multiple animal advocates and aquarium staff were given opportunities to speak and were further questioned by park board commissioners. David Isbister, founder of the group ‘No More Dead Cetaceans’ weighs in on the success of last night’s park board meeting on today’s show.