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Activists Working to Challenge Speciesism: Plant-Based Cooking Classes, The Calgary Stampede and Protesting a Bacon Restaurant

Interviews with three Canadian activists dedicating their lives to the fight for animal liberation.

A Horse of a Different Colour: Victoria, BC Activists Jordan Reichert and Rob Carruthers

Rob Carruthers describes life as a vegan single dad working in the trades, and Jordan Reichert discusses an end to horse-drawn carriages in Victoria.

Animals Exploited for Human Entertainment

Activist and politician Jordan Reichert speaks on the Stanley Park horse carriage crash, and activist David Isbister discusses the tourism trade of exploiting animals for entertainment.

Granting chimpanzees the status of personhood, and the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada

Struggling with non-vegan friends; Natalie Prosin, Executive Director of the Nonhuman Rights Project on granting chimpanzees the status of personhood; and animal activist and politician Jordan Reichert of the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada.

Ending cruel practices on animals in Canada: Be Cruelty-Free Campaign, and Horse-Drawn Carriages in Victoria, BC

An interview with Jordan Riechert of Island Animal Liberation and The Critical Cat on banning the horse-drawn carriages in Victoria, BC, plus a feature interview with HSI Canada’s Aviva Vetter on the Be Cruelty-Free campaign and ending animal testing for cosmetics in Canada. Also, how you can be in a vegan music video, and a beautiful alternative to marine captivity.