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Glenn Gaetz, Animal Advocacy Camp; & Carol Hine, Senior Animals in Need Today Society (SAINTS)

A review of the cookbook “Chloe’s Kitchen”, an interview with Liberation BC’s Glenn Gaetz on Vancouver Animal Advocacy Camp; and an interview with Carol Hine, of the Senior Animals in Need Today Society (SAINTS) animal sanctuary.

Save the Whales, and Creative Online Activism

In this episode, Joanne explains why there is no such thing as a “responsible breeder”. Then we speak to animal activist Glenn Gaetz, Director of the local organization Liberation BC, about Creative Online Activism. For our feature interview, we delve into the issue of the pending proposal of the International Whaling Commission to end the 24-year moratorium on commercial whaling. We speak with Kitty Block, Vice-President of the Humane Society International, live from the location of the IWC meeting meeting in Agadir, Morocco where the whales’ fate will be decided.