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Local Filmmaker Exposes Ineffective Animal Testing, and Patricia Kendall’s Ongoing Rezoning For The Animals Campaign

A feature interview with filmmaker Gary Charbonneau on his upcoming film that dissects the realites of the medical research industry. Plus, Patrica Kendall from “Rezoning For The Animals” joins us once again.

Help Prevent Potential Animal Testing at St. Paul’s Hospital, and Canada’s Shame: Live Horse Exports

Two Vancouver activists using their law degrees to fight for animals.

A New Documentary on Animal Testing, and Bad-Ass Activist Jenny Mathison of Washington

A documentary film, and a risky publicity stunt to raise awareness for animals in testing labs.

Dr. Ray Greek on Why Animal Testing is Ineffective for Preventing and Curing Human Diseases, and a Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Taking the Liberation Pledge

Learn why animal testing for human disease prevention and cures needs to be abolished, and weigh the pros and cons of taking the Liberation Pledge

Ending cruel practices on animals in Canada: Be Cruelty-Free Campaign, and Horse-Drawn Carriages in Victoria, BC

An interview with Jordan Riechert of Island Animal Liberation and The Critical Cat on banning the horse-drawn carriages in Victoria, BC, plus a feature interview with HSI Canada’s Aviva Vetter on the Be Cruelty-Free campaign and ending animal testing for cosmetics in Canada. Also, how you can be in a vegan music video, and a beautiful alternative to marine captivity.

Joan Ranquet on Animal Communication; and Conscious Consumers: Navigating the World of Animal-friendly Makeup Products

A feature interview with Joan Ranquet on Animal Communication; and Conscious Consumers: Navigating the World of Animal-friendly Makeup Products with Tashina Combs.

Dissecting Vivisection: Dr. Ray Greek of Americans for Medical Advancement and Nicole Green of the American Anti-Vivisection Society

We feature an interview with Dr. Ray Greek of the Americans for Medical Advancement (AFMA). Dr. Greek is from the (AMFA) Americans for Medical Advancement organization and will be speaking about why the use of animals in medical research is inappropriate. Later in the show we are joined by Nicole Green from the American Anti-Vivisection Society to talk about dissection and the use of animals in education.

Josh Hooten, Let Live AR Conference & Claudia Li, Shark Truth campaign

In this episode we discuss what you can do to help the animals affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and Proctor & Gamble’s animal testing for their products, as well as put out a call for guest co-hosts for the show. Then, an interview with Josh Hooten of the Let Live Foundation about the upcoming Let Live Animal Rights Conference in Portland, Oregon in June. And for our feature interview, we speak with Claudia Li of the organization Shark Truth, to talk about their campaigns for educating the public to stop shark fin soup.