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World Day for Farmed Animals: Exploring Queer Love in Animals and Getting A Taste for Local Plant-Based Charcuterie

This show includes a feature interview with Emily Wilson, the founder and head chef at Living Tree Foods. We discuss her background as an animal rights lawyer and her passion for affordable, delicious, and local vegan cheese products. We also hear a story from pattrice jones discussing her first time bringing ducks to Vine Sanctuary and the assumptions we make about non-human animals based on the narrative that animals are motivated by reproduction and survival, rather than love, eros, and community.

Changing Laws for the Animals: The Modernizing Animal Protections Act, and Declaring All Animals As Sentient Beings in New Zealand

A feature interview with MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith on Bill C-246: The Modernizing Animal Protections Act, and Dr. Virginia Williams on New Zealand declaring all animals as sentient beings. Plus, it’s our Spring Member Drive!