Dr. Clifton Flynn, Understanding Animal Abuse; & Sara Dubois, Helping Injured Wildlife

Our experiences with injured wildlife, co-existing with wildlife in our environments; an interview with the BCSPCA’s Sara Dubois on Helping Injured Wildlife; and a feature interview with Dr. Clifton Flynn on Understanding Animal Abuse.

Easter Eggs, Fairy Tales, and a review of Vegan Secret Supper

On today’s show we discuss eggs & the meaning of Easter, animal cruelty in fairy tales, and we offer a review of the brand new Vegan Secret Supper book.

Steve Hindi, SHARK, on Pigeon Shooting; & Dr. Olivier Berreville, International Network for Humane Education

Review of the Vegan Mashup cooking series, plus veg-friendly Freshii restaurant; a feature interview with Steve Hindi of SHARK, on the campaign to stop pigeon shooting; and and interview with Dr. Olivier Berreville of the International Network for Humane Education.

The Meatout Show: Michael Weber, FARM; & Paul Shapiro, Vice-President of Farm Animal Protection, HSUS

The Meatout Show: we chat about our own experiences in cutting out meat, plus last weekend’s Vegan Prom; plus an interview with FARM Executive Director Michael Weber on the Meatout 2013 campaign; and a feature interview with HSUS Vice-President of Farm Animal Protection Paul Shapiro on various current “meatout” topics in the news, from ag-gag, to the trend of falling meat consumption, to Meatless Mondays, to the societal disgust of eating horse meat.

Women’s Day: Speaking Up for Sister Species and Mother Nature

Lisa Kemmerer, editor of Sister Species, and Speaking Up For Animals joins us to talk about the connections between feminism and animal rights. Also, BC-based activist, artist, and ecofeminist, Fireweed, is with us to talk about putting theory into action!

Steven Wise, The Nonhuman Rights Project; & Melissa Balfour, Vancouver Vegan Prom

Recap of Vancouver Animal Advocacy Camp; animals in non-science university education; an interview with Melissa Balfour on the Vancouver Vegan Prom; and a feature interview with Dr. Steven Wise, President of The Nonhuman Rights Project.