Brenda Bronfman from Wishing Well Sanctuary, and Preet Marwaha from Organic Lives

On today’s show we share the story of how a lucky pig named Yoda found her way from the slaughter truck to a sanctuary. We also get the dirt on why vegans should care about organics.

Layla AbdelRahim on Domestication. A Tribute to Turkeys.

On today’s show we feature an interview about the concept of domestication/wilderness with comparatist anthropologist and author/speaker Layla AbdelRahim. We also share a few clips from our past shows as a tribute to our turkey friends.

The Elephant Show: Elephants in circuses, and sanctuary, & The International March for Elephants

The Elephant Show! for the International March for Elephants Day on October 4th. Interviews with Liam Cronin of Peta on circus cruelty to elephants, and Rob Brandford of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on rescuing baby elephants and the International March for Elephants.

Dissecting Vivisection: Dr. Ray Greek of Americans for Medical Advancement and Nicole Green of the American Anti-Vivisection Society

We feature an interview with Dr. Ray Greek of the Americans for Medical Advancement (AFMA). Dr. Greek is from the (AMFA) Americans for Medical Advancement organization and will be speaking about why the use of animals in medical research is inappropriate. Later in the show we are joined by Nicole Green from the American Anti-Vivisection Society to talk about dissection and the use of animals in education.

Non-Human Primate Rescue and Rehab: Josie Du Toit of Vervet Monkey Rescue, and Tim Ajax of Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.

It’s our monkey show! We speak to Josie Du Toit, Animal Manager and Rehabilitator with the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa. We also feature an interview with Tim Ajax Director of the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Texas about nine of their newest residents.