Dr. Michael Greger On Being Vegan To Prevent Or Reverse The 15 Leading Causes of Death in North Americans

October 26, 2017

Learn how genetics often only accounts for a 10-20% role in most disease risk, and how a vegan diet can prevent or reverse most of the leading causes of death in humans.

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Rise of the Necrofauna: Britt Wray on De-Extinction

October 18, 2017

Featuring an interview with author and science writer Britt Wray, as well as a review of the French documentary "The Valley of the Wolves."

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Activist Profile: Oahu’s Kiana Mohika-Miyashiro

October 14, 2017
Activist Profile: Oahu’s Kiana Mohika-Miyashiro

An inspirational journey from omnivore...to vegan...to animal rights activist on Oahu.

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The Thanksgiving Show: Celebrating a Compassionate Holiday, and Turkey Stories from the Happy Herd Sanctuary

October 6, 2017

Welcome to our annual Thanksgiving Show! We talk about the personalities of turkeys with Diane Marsh from the Happy Herd Sanctuary, and discuss how we will be Celebrating a Compassionate Thanksgiving (tips and advice!). Also, a film review of Okja, as seen at VIFF last weekend.

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World Day for Farmed Animals: Understanding the Issues of Factory Farming on Both Land and in Sea

September 29, 2017

October 2nd is World Day for Farmed Animals. We feature an interview with Katie Cantrell of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, plus an interview with Sue Waters of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on salmon farming issues. Also, we speak with Valley Calderoni, whose canine soulmate Kaoru was shot and killed by a trophy hunter…

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Protecting Elephants & Rhinos with Elephanatics

September 22, 2017

A show celebrating Elephant Appreciation Day and World Rhino Day, featuring an interview with Tessa Vanderkop of Vancouver elephant-advocacy organization Elephanatics.

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Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue, & Activist Profile: Natalie Zaracko

September 15, 2017

A feature interview with the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), plus an activist profile of local animal advocate Natalie Zaracko.

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