The Animal Liberation Forum 2012, and John Oberg of Vegan Outreach

October 19, 2012

We speak with John Oberg who is visiting BC on a two week leafletting blitz with Vegan Outreach. We also highlight the upcoming Animal Liberation Forum 2012 in California.

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The Dairy Show: Shira Lane, Got the Facts on Milk? documentary, and The Phenomenon of Drinking Another Species’ Milk

October 12, 2012

Re-cap of our Animal Voices Thanksgiving and the Vancouver Aquarium protest this past week; The Phenomenon of Drinking Another Species' Milk, and a feature interview with Shira Lane, film maker of the documentary "Got the Facts on Milk?"

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Animals on Screen at VIFF, and Karen Dawn’s Annual Turkey Rescue

October 5, 2012
Animals on Screen at VIFF, and Karen Dawn’s Annual Turkey Rescue

We talk to Bill Marin about his film Street Dogs of South Central. We also speak with Karen Dawn, author and media maven.

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Animal Voices Compassionate Thanksgiving Potluck & Variety Show

October 3, 2012

Animal Voices is hosting its 2nd annual Compassionate Thanksgiving Potluck... and Variety Show! Monday, October 8th, 2012 at St. James Community Square at 6pm. All are welcome to attend.

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The World Farm Animals Day Show: Jenny Brown, Woodstock Sanctuary; & Michael Weber, 10 Billion Lives Tour

September 28, 2012

The World Farm Animal Day Show: Animal films in the Vancouver International Film Festival; a interview with Michael Weber of FARM on the 10 Billion Lives Tour; and a feature interview with Jenny Brown, co-founder of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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Direct Action, Prison, and Sabotage: An Interview with the Animal Liberation Front’s Peter Young

September 21, 2012

Feature interview with animal activist Peter Young, on direct action for the animals, his time in prison, and the Animal Liberation Front.

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Martin Guinness, “Cages of Shame” and the Bear Bile Farming Industry; & The Myth of Vegan Purity

September 14, 2012

The Myth of Vegan Purity; and a feature interview with award-winning filmmaker Martin Guinness on the film "Cages of Shame" and the bear bile farming industry.

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