Author: Alison Cole

Co-host/co-producer of the weekly radio show Animal Voices Vancouver.

New Year’s Show: Go Vegan for 2019, with the Indian Rock Vegans, and the Story of a Christmas Miracle

Bring in the New Year by going vegan for 2019! We give tips and advice for embracing a sustainable vegan lifestyle, plus speak with Sheanne and Dan Moskaluk, the Indian Rock Vegans, about their vegan and activism stories. And they tell us about a Christmas miracle of 9 calves last week who were just rescued from the slaughter of the dairy industry.

Spending a Zero Waste Vegan Holiday Season, with Tosha Lobsinger of Peace People Project

A feature interview with guest Tosha Lobsinger of the Peace People Project, on zero waste living, and how to spend a zero waste vegan-friendly holiday this year.

100 Turkeys Saved from the Slaughter of Thanksgiving, and Amy Quichiz of Veggie Mijas

A feature interview on vegan intersectionality with Amy Quichiz of Veggie Mijas, plus an interview with Utah-based animal activist Amy Meyer, the first person ever prosecuted under an Ag-Gag law in the U.S., and one of the rescuers of 100 turkeys from a factory farm last weekend. Also, we discuss last week’s anti-fur march in Vancouver with local activist Meaghan Beattie.

World Vegan Day Show: International Marathon Champion and Animal Rescuer Fiona Oakes

For World Vegan Day, we feature an interview with a person who exemplifies the vegan message and lifestyle: world record-breaking endurance runner and animal rescuer Fiona Oakes. See her in director Keegan Kuhn’s new film “Running for Good”.

Sharkwater Extinction: Saving Sharks with Brock Cahill and Julie Andersen

A show for the sharks and dedicated to the late filmmaker and shark conservationist Rob Stewart. Fellow activists Brock Cahill and Julie Andersen speak on shark conservation issues and Rob Stewart’s new film “Sharkwater Extinction”.

Filmmaker Chris Delforce of “Dominion”, and Robert Grillo on the Devastating Effects of Hurricane Florence

An interview with Free From Harm’s Robert Grillo on the devastating effects of Hurricane Florence to farmed animals. Plus, a feature interview with director, writer and editor Chris Delforce of the new documentary feature-length film “Dominion”.

Activist Profile: Ryan Phillips, and Rocky Schwartz on The Microsanctuary Movement

Living the microsanctuary life! An Activist Profile with Ryan Phillips on Life with Three Pigs, a Chicken and a Rabbit. Plus an interview with Rocky Schwartz of The Microsanctuary Movement.

Earthling Ed on Reaching Hearts and Minds Through Engaging and Pragmatic Activism

An hour with UK-based activist Earthling Ed on speaking the truth for justice, compassion and equality for all beings.

An Evening with Earthling Ed: “Land of Hope and Glory” Film Screening and Talk – Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Join us for an evening with Earthling Ed! We will screen his documentary film “Land of Hope and Glory”. A talk by Earthling Ed will follow, and then a Q&A session with the audience. This is the perfect event to invite a friend to for a truly educational and inspirational experience on how we treat animals and our food choices.

A Spotlight on the Cruelty of Rodeos with the Vancouver Humane Society, and Activist Profile: Zoe Rosenberg

An Activist Profile of 16 year old Zoe Rosenberg, plus an interview with Communications Director Peter Fricker about the Vancouver Humane Society’s campaign to end cruel rodeo events at the Chilliwack Fair this summer.