The Animal Voices team

Alison Cole

Alison is proud to be a member of the Animal Voices collective since November 2009, where she reunited with her radio broadcast roots to produce and co-host a show that speaks deeply to several of her passions: animal rights, veganism, education, and broadcast communications. Her evolution into developing her awareness of animal issues and compassion for all creatures started as a teenager, when she began asking questions and adopted a vegetarian lifestyle to live in congruency with her ethics. Always on a path of learning, she went vegan in 2006, and since 2011 has been exploring a high raw vegan lifestyle.

She enjoys participating in many facets of animal activism in her community, from attending demos to tabling for animal rights groups to social media advocacy, but is most committed and focused to providing quality programming on the Animal Voices show each week, and continuing to educate herself in these issues so that she can have the most up-to-date and accurate information to educate others. A few of the most influential books she has ever read to help pave this path are “Slaughterhouse” by Gail Eisnitz, “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins, and “The World Peace Diet” by Will Tuttle – all must-reads for every human being, in her opinion!


Elyse Jacobson

_DSC5012Elyse has been co-hosting Animal Voices since September 2014 and producing since December 2015. A lifelong animal lover, she finally “made the connection” in 2010 after watching the documentary Earthlings, and committed to a vegan lifestyle. She is now a passionate advocate for animal liberation and regularly participates in activism in the Vancouver area. She is especially interested in evidence-based vegan nutrition, pro-intersectional vegan feminism, and all scientific findings related to animal behavior, sentience, and intelligence.

Elyse is a professional classical violinist and violin teacher, as well as an occasional lyricist, and she enjoys using these skills and the platform they provide to call attention to animal and human rights issues. In her spare time, she enjoys eating delicious vegan food, going to concerts and plays, travelling, reading articles online, and watching movies.


Alissa Raye

Alissa joined Animal Voices in December of 2010 and started hosting and producing in December 2011. In high school she stopped eating land animals after learning about the environmental destruction that it was causing on a global scale. She was a pescetarian for 10 years before she made the connection and committed to veganism in 2007, after watching the documentary Earthlings. She enjoys leafletting and tabling with veg outreach groups and is driven by a desire to continue learning about effective communication strategies. She is deeply inspired by the work of speaker, podcaster, and author, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, and photographer and humane educator, Jo-Anne McArthur.

Besides speaking out for animals, she hosts a monthly vegan supper club with her partner, writes and performs music, and daydreams about travelling to Europe and South America while working at Vancouver’s only car share co-op. She looks forward to a time when she feels settled enough to welcome rescued animals into her home.


Jackie McIntosh

Jackie joined Animal Voices in October 2012, and serves as a host and producer of the show. They have always felt a strong connection to all animals, from rats to bears, and were fortunate enough to grow up in an area surrounded by wildlife.

After watching the documentary film Food Inc. in early 2010, they made the life-changing, committed switch to veganism. Jackie committed to educating them-self as much as possible about the many forms of oppression of other animals that takes place in today’s society. As such, Jackie has become very involved in animal liberation activism. From various forms of demonstrations and outreach to educating the people closest to them, Jackie feels more empowered every day to fight for the liberation of these exploited beings.

Jackie enjoys film outreach and story-telling, and finds it to be a powerful method of activism, especially as most humans need to build a connection to these animals in ways that petitioning and leaflets don’t do. Some of their top most influential films include Maximum Tolerated Dose, The Ghosts in Our Machine, and The Witness, among many others.  Their long term goal is to one day open up a sanctuary for animals rescued from exploitation, or at least to live somewhere with the ability of at-home rescue, while always remaining committed in the fight for animal (human and non) liberation.


Tim Aretz



Tim joined Animal Voices in Summer 2012, initially as a tech operator but he stepped up to contribute, host, and produce shows as well. He became vegetarian at the age of 11 when it dawned on him that he wouldn’t want to eat his cat and it would be unfair to eat other animals simply because he didn’t know their name. It took him a long time to transition to veganism and to accept the label but he is glad he finally did. Together with Alissa Raye he runs the vegan dinner club Plate Invaders. Aside from animal rights he is very interested in environmentalism, social justice, and disc golf.