Mike Downey and Randy Kujawa: Vegan Warriors of Compassion and Plant-based Bodybuilders

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Our co-host Jen attended the Popeyes Fall Classic BC Amateur Bodybuilding competition last weekend, to support our guests Mike and Randy on this show, who were competing in the event as the Warriors of Compassion! To start this episode, she shares with us her experiences at the bodybuilding show in which whey protein supplement companies were dominant. Of course, whey is a product of the abominable dairy industry, and Jen tells us about some of the conversations she had with the whey vendors on the cruelty of the dairy and animal agriculture industries.

Randy Kujawa and Mike Downey, Warriors of Compassion

Randy Kujawa and Mike Downey, plant-built Warriors of Compassion!

For our feature interview, we have a dual interview with vegan bodybuilders Randy Kujawa and Mike Downey, the Warriors of Compassion. They hail from Victoria and were in Vancouver last weekend to compete in the Popeye’s Fall Classic BC Amateur Bodybuilding Competition. Randy placed 5th in his age category, and Mike placed 3rd in his – well done, and all plant-powered!

In this interview, they speak with us about what it takes to be a successful plant-based bodybuilder and what inspires them to lead the vegan lifestyle. They speak about their training and food intake regimens in the 12 weeks leading up to the event, and their opinions on protein and the myth that companies and the media continue to perpetrate regarding how much protein a human really needs to become big and strong.

They also speak about veganism and masculinity, their experiences in navigating the dating world as vegan (hetero) males, and how animal rights issues play a significant role in their lives and identities as plant-powered athletes. These two are plant-powered for the animals, and strive to make the world a better place in leading by example to show that you can be healthy, strong, compassionate and happy without sacrificing the lives of others.



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